Probably the best part of this episode.

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Things that happened to me yesterday:

Missouri lawmaker suing to deny daughters birth control access 

I went into this article not expecting anything and I got something so incredibly disturbing and controlling. This man isn’t just upset that his insurance now has to provide birth control with no deductible or copay, he’s upset that his daughters may not follow his religious beliefs and get birth control themselves.

You know.

His adult daughters.

One Missouri lawmaker has taken the fight against birth control coverage to a new and very personal place: His own daughters, two of whom are adults.

State Rep. Paul Joseph Wieland and his wife Teresa are suing the Obama administration over its minimum coverage requirements for health plans under the Affordable Care Act, which includes contraception. They say the government is forcing them to violate their religious beliefs because they have three daughters, ages 13, 18 and 19, who are on their parents’ plan and might get birth control at no additional cost.

Comics Haul 9/17/2014

Oh man, how long has it been? Ah well, I got some new stuff!! In the DCU, there’s a special one-shot going on called Future’s End. It shoves you 5 years into the future and that’s about it, really.

The Good: I am so happy that this is the last issue of Batgirl we get before the reboot. Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown as Batgirl?? The art was lovely and finally a Black Batgirl and I’m just happy. I’m excited to see how the reboot goes. Giant dogs and a pug in Ms. Marvel, yes thank you.

Okay, come on, why aren’t you reading Saga?

The Bad: Man, I’m glad this is my last issue of Batwoman.

The Whatever: Everything is always about babies of anyone with the last name Grey when it comes to X-Men. Wonder Woman had absolutely beautiful art in the beginning pages and then Superman, because goddammit. I’ve never felt so “eh” about a comic before but Birds of Prey did it. Goodbye Birds, maybe your next incarnation will be less shitty.

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Together at last!

Together at last!

Writing Prompt of the Day

Cura te ipsem, man.”

"Somehow, I don’t think you’re using that phrase right."


I see all these debates to know if the Islamic State is really a muslim group or not. Interesting.

However, i wonder if the people persecuted, killed, raped, enslaved by that shitty group give a flying fuck about this.

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Who are the Assyrians and what are the Nineveh Plains?    


An unknown minority group that is neither Kurd nor arab

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Just a quick post to thank all of the people who have messaged me and replied/reblogged my post about DMing! Thank you for your support! (And to the new followers, hello!! I don’t know if you’ll like it here, if not, I’m sorry.)

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Probably the most bizarre thing about our culture is how we dehumanized and mystify the teenager into this Horrid, Disrespectful Creature whom we can never understand (as if we were never like that ourselves). But we’re just fine furiously masturbating to ‘teen’ porn and objectifying everything associated with teenage girls.